Enjoy these snippets from recent interviews! For wherever the art of medicine is LOVED, there is also a love of humanity ⚕

The Art of Medicine//

 Whether you are working to solve a case, perfecting a surgical technique, or even just looking at the beauty and intricacy of the human body, the art of medicine comes alive and is always fascinating -Luke, Third year medical student.

I have wanted to be in medicine since I was a child. I remember watching TV shows about medicine and thinking it was so interesting how the body can be changed and thrown off by just one little bacteria, virus, or one little mistake in the DNA. I love helping people, and medicine is the perfect way to help. The right reasons to go into medicine are a love of medicine and learning, the desire for a career that has meaning and the opportunity to help others -Lina, PA student 

The Importance of Research// 

I have heard the importance of research explained this way: When a patient arrives at a clinic, they have a lightbulb that is lit, that should not be lit. Something has gone wrong and needs to be shut off. The clinical team has a bat and swings at that lightbulb to knock it out. Researchers on the other hand, are more interested in why that light was lit up in the first place. Their role is to ensure that the lightbulb doesn’t get lit up for more people. That’s not a perfect example, but I think it illustrates the importance of research. One of my favorite quotes is, “Research is to see what everybody else has seen and think what nobody has thought. -Tyler, PhD student and oncology researcher.

Research is amazing and I think students (especially medical students) should try to get at least a little exposure to it. It’s important to have an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes and get to know the people that are working hard everyday in labs to advance medical science. I also think that a doctor that is interested in research will be a better doctor, because it shows their desire to continue to learn and improve the field. Lastly, as a plus, it’s really fun and interesting.  -Luke, third year med student

Prevelant Issues in the Medical field//

The most pressing problem facing medicine today is the rising costs of healthcare coupled with increasing inaccessibility of health services. There is a woeful lack of healthcare utilization in the US and those who do receive care are typically way-“over-cared” for, meaning they’re having unnecessary procedures, prescriptions, etc. This “paradox of excess and deprivation” (as one of my textbooks calls it) is literally killing people while the public waits for progressive political action to be taken.        -Asia, Physician Assistant Student 

 I believe that healthcare is a fundamental right -Ngan, physician assistant student 

I have a lot of concerns about the medical field. One, that we do not educate the young like we should about exercise and how to live a healthy lifestyle. Our healthcare system does a lot of over-testing and it’s costing us millions, but we over-test because we are scared to get in legal issues. I believe that everyone should have health insurance. It is important and it’s our right to protect our health.   -Amy, pre-med student and EMT

The integration of business and medicine. If merged appropriately it can be a beautiful and fruitful synergy but most see it as a toxic collision of two unrelated industries.  The truth is you can’t continue to help people unless you remain profitable and you can’t remain profitable unless you continue to help people. -Andrea, PA-C

Unique Opportunities in the Medical Field//

The medical field is incredibly expansive. From pharmacists, chemists, physicists, researchers, and lab technicians there are probably more non-clinicians than there are clinicians. -Tyler, PhD student and onc. researcher.

I will love the opportunity to always learn in the medical field. The human body is very complex, and we are still learning things to this day about it. It will be fascinating to work in a field where there are always new discoveries and chances to learn. -Lina, PA student 

(Educational) opportunities will not be handed to you. You will definitely have to seek them out on your own but that is what will differentiate you from others. Do not give up! -Raquelle, Surgical PA-C